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  • NEW!! A Young Carers Guide To Health Conditions

    posted 11th May 2017  |  Not tagged.

    This guide is aimed at Young Carers to provide them with information about the health conditions of the person that they care for and the help that is available for their family. It also provides information about their own health and well-being.

    You can view the guide here


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  • Having Family Fun….

    posted 6th December 2016  |  Not tagged.

    All siblings like having fun with their family.  Having fun and laughing together is a very healthy thing to do. Even if your brother or sister is very ill or if family life is hard, having some fun times together will help you and everyone else feel better.  It is a good way to help everyone get on better with each other too.

     Some things you could do are ….

    • Watch a funny film together
    • Take turns to tell jokes
    • Play a game that makes the people in your family laugh, like charades
    • Try seeing who can keep a straight face the longest without  laughing
    • Talk about the funny side of things that have happened in your family

    Find out more at It's a really useful website for brothers and sisters of disabled children.



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  • Changes to the 16 to 19 Bursary and What This Means for Young Carers

    posted 7th June 2016  |  Not tagged.

    The Department for Education has published new guidance for the 16-19 Bursary which now has new information included about young carers.

    Find out what this means for young carers

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