When caring ends

If someone important to you has just died, or you have just found out they are very seriously ill, you are not alone and you can get help and support. You could talk to an someone you trust, such as a friend, your doctor,  teacher, school nurse or another family member.

It may feel really difficult, to find someone to speak to about you're feelings, but it is an important step in coming to terms with the death of someone close. Not everyone will understand but some will. People usually like to be asked for help, so you might be surprised that your friends or family are willing  to listen and to support you as best they can.

The death of someone close to  you may lead to a whole range of emotions, including being sad, depressed, anxious and angry. These emotions are normal!

They said I'm bereaved! what does it mean?  Being 'bereaved' is one way of describing what you are when someone close to you has died. Sometimes people say 'so and so has had a bereavement' - as if it's just too hard to say 'so and so's dad's died'

They said grief is 'normal' but what is grief "Grief is when you feel emotional pain. It can extend to stuff such as tears, anger and even to an extent fear. Sometimes grief can create lots of feelings coming and going. This means that you are bottling up your tears so much that you have anger. It can work like a shaken up coke bottle being opened." Daniel, Child Bereavement UK Youth Ambassador

If you want further information or support check out the organisations below:

  • Winston's Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity and the largest provider of services to bereaved children, young people and their families in the UK. You can find out how they can help you by visiting their websit, Winston's Wish
  • YoungMinds,  offer information to young people and children about mental health and emotional wellbeing. Take a look, at the info on their website, Young Minds
  • RD4U, is a website designed for young people by young people. They are there to support you after the death of someone close, take a look at their website, RD4U. You can download their booklet called after someone dies here (it's a PDF)
  • You can ring Cruse's freephone number on 0808 808 1677 to chat to a trained helpline adviser.