What do you do?


Ask yourself,

  • Who do you care for?
  • What things do you do to help?
  • Does anyone help you?
  • What is your day like?

What you can do!

  • Tell someone you trust, it could be a friend, a relative or a teacher.
  • Ask for help from family members or people close to you.
  • Take a look at our support section to find others who can help.

You're not alone!

You may be interested to know that you're not the only one helping out in the way you do. In fact, it's estimated that a staggering 166,363 children in England are caring for their parents, siblings and family members.

Census data published reveals the number of five to seven year old young carers in England has increased by around 80% over the last decade to 9,371. Nearly 15,000 children up to the age of 17 are providing more than 50 hours of care every week.